Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bz Vs Sick!

dear blogger,
i have a very bz time!this week i just getting sick n not feeling mom keep babbling ask me to go to the clinic cz my tummy keep feeling not good...hope there is nothing serious...i have a lot work to do, then i keep feeling sick...i just hope everything became smooth!

and just now, i've been thinking about few things that i should / should not to do which is:
1. stop viewing facebook!
2. reduce sleeping time
3. manage good timetable
4. don't ever keep delaying any work!
5. eat on time!
6. drink a lot of water!

p/s:shoot me if i break these!
and herewith few picture that have been taken on dinner by PERKOM at Dewan Cedi, UUM, on 25 feb 2011. it have been involved by few celebrities which study at UUM mini campus at KL...times running,so, just let the picture story more about it...

from the left, ain, me, zana & ina


zed zaidi [handsome!](^_^)p

me with emelda
zana with nerves preaty ugly
they are with zehra zambri[nice voice!]

ina with sheila abdul
 actually there are a lot of picture, but i don't have so much time now,i'm doing my assignment!next time, free, should be upload to go!daaa......y(^_____^)y