Saturday, April 23, 2011

LaSt PrEsEnTatiOn~

marathon time to make post in my blog!!!!hahahahaha..
all rite, 1st of all, i like to share about my experience, make presentation...owh, this is not my 1st time to make presentation, but this one is interesting for me cz this is the last one for me before i end my day as a student!hahaha...

but feel sorry cz i lost the video!!!so you can't watch how bad i am in doing my presentation in English!i keep saying 'ah', 'er', 'emm'...hahaha... however, i have some picture which it take after the is the 1st time for me can take the pic with lecturer since i being a bad i am...when think it back, i feel loss cz only realized the important to keep the valuable memory by taking picture on my final sem...emmm..
for this subject, which are Public Management Evaluation, En Na'eim (as a lecturer) is one of my best lecturer!others is En. Amir Hamzah, En Mokhtafizam Mokhtar, Cik Sharifuzah & En Malike Brahim...really thankful to them...

with my group and En Nai'em