Saturday, April 9, 2011


just now, i finished make my 1st draft of my resume since i being a 'U' student...i wonder if my resume is ok or not??according to few friends, resume is depend on how creative u are, there are no permanent standard for resume. as long as u can make it different among others and ur future employer will attract with ur resume.emm...when i do this, it make me realize how important for u to get active at school, college,..also how important to get master in several skills such as excel and adobe  acrobat reader, multimedia & internet. and the most important thing, how well ur English written in ur resume.emmm...this is just only ur 1st step in ur career management..if we can't do this well best, how come we can move to another step such as interview?more challenges is when u are in the job with high task and responsibility...well all of this remind me to my working challenged...