Thursday, May 19, 2011


damn stress!
i'm always wanted to being the best and good for everyone, but at the same time, i'm always don't have a good opportunity and a good luck!its make me crazy because not all people can & want to understand about my situation..believe me guys, if i have the right opportunity, i always wanted to being the best and good as i can for everyone...i will happy if i can be the best for everyone..but i can't because of the situation...oh man, if i can, i wanted to go as far as i i will not face the damn situation which can make me insane!
ok, inhale, exhale..
ok, what i had learned, we have to motivate our self every time...that's the way how we can survive...think positive every time and just make all happen as our part of responsibility to handle it...
go sufi go!